Overcoming Challenges with Sourcing Cannabinoids, Designing Effective Therapeutics & Testing Under Rigorous Regulatory Requirements

SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2022

Welcome to the 5th International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit

Pioneering the Development of Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals Across the World

Over the last half-decade, we have witnessed game-changing developments within the cannabinoid field, driving it into a new era of rigorous research, promising clinical trials and multimillion-dollar deals.

In 2018 the FDA granted full marketing approval of Epidiolex and the acquisition of GW pharmaceuticals, and recently we have seen more and more companies charge forward towards approval. At our CDP Summits alone, the Farm Bill was signed on day two of the inaugural 2018 event, and during our second annual meeting the negative effects of synthetic cannabinoid vapes became known (i.e. ‘popcorn lung’). However, despite these positive changes and rapid industry growth, there remains key challenges to overcome.

The 5th International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit is uniting drug developers from around the globe - working to progress the field of cannabinoids. The Summit remains the largest conference dedicated solely to the development of CDPs for pain, psychiatric disorders, and more, with a 2-day program focusing on demystifying FDA/EMA approval pathways, clinical trial design and commercialization, target biology and pharmacology, GMP-compliant product formulation, drug delivery, and managing the changing regulatory environment.

Our 2022 Expert Speaker Faculty Includes:

Hear From Some Previous iCDP Attendees:

  • How about one word? Fantastic.”  - Jeff Margolis, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals
  • Inspiring to be in the presence of many cannabinoid experts who all share the same passion for cannabinoid science.” – Emma Lennon, GW Pharmaceuticals
  • World class talent from biotech and cannabis research converged to shape the future of an emerging industry – Cannabinoid Medicines.” – Andrea Small-Howard, GBS Global Biopharma
  • Amazing information presented and top quality contacts for networking.” – Ted Reynolds, FlackTek Inc.