December 4-5, 2019

Boston, MA

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Uniting Industry and Academia to Pioneer the Therapeutic Use of Cannabinoid APIs

Up until now, attention has been highly fixated on ‘Medical cannabis’. Meanwhile Pharmaceutical Cannabinoids have made incredible progress, now academia and industry must unite to advance further. By providing the inaugural International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit, we have created this opportunity.

Issues include formulating unique compounds that achieve required responses, that can be delivered effectively. Many also still face problems designing reliable clinical trials in a frequently changing regulatory environment. We’ll be sharing and discussing these issues in depth with industry leaders such as Adi Zulloff-Shani of Therapix and Catherine Jacobson of Tilray.

In addition to issues that come with the scientific advances, also come the commercial considerations. Including how to form a commercial strategy in a space with an uncertain regulatory environment. Similarly knowing how to use IP to its maximum potential to build a strong business foundation. Gary Hiller of Phytecs and Tamas Biro of the University of Debrechen will take apart these issues with us.

Join your peers to solve the challenges in this growing field at the International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit, to maximise the potential of the next-generation of Cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

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“Overall great conference with a combination of excellent speakers and focused, relevant content. A Good balance of technical and business driven talks”

Hanson Wade Conference Attendee

“Excellent Job, great talks from very knowledgeable speakers”

Previous Conference Attendee

“Brings perspectives to the field from territories and countries with varying degrees of acceptance and market penetration of cannabinoids and cannabis. Lessons learned from those who went before and from those entering the therapeutic space.”

Brian Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Nemus Bioscience