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2019 Media Partners

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The Medicine Maker

The development and manufacture of small molecules, biologics, and advanced therapies draws on the talent, passion and experience of a wide range of professionals. The Medicine Maker is a global publication that brings these people into the limelight, showcasing the pharma industry’s success stories and examining its biggest points of contention. Engaging content covers the entire spectrum of drug development, keeping all medicine makers up to date with the most pressing topics, trends and technologies driving the drug development and manufacturing industry forward.


Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids is a peer-reviewed journal offering an international forum to present and discuss recent advances in the rapidly developing and challenging field of the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids.


News Medical

News-Medical is an online, open-access medical information provider for healthcare and life science professionals, medical researchers and engaged consumers. The site is designed to be the A-Z of healthcare and life sciences, with encyclopaedic articles spanning both fields. In addition to sourcing and curating the latest medical news stories, the News-Medical team conducts and publishes interviews with experts in both academia and industry.