Neda Mashadi

Neda Mashadi

Company: University of Windsor

Job title: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Panel Discussion: Meeting the Growing Demand for Cannabinoids for Research, Therapeutics & Consumer Products 1:00 pm

Identify new learnings that have been discovered in the discussion around phytocannabinoids vs synthetic Has the promise of biosynthesis been overestimated? Coach before the horse: What is the rationale in trying to explore new cannabinoids when many questions still remain about the therapeutic action of CBD and THC?Read more

day: Day One Track B - afternoon

Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids 11:30 am

Discuss the creation, characterization, and stress-testing of a robust cannabidiol nanoemulsion created using GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients Examine how in a follow-up study, the energy-intensive homogenization step associated with nanoemulsion formation, which requires a specialized instrument leading to higher cost, will be replaced by a solventassisted homogenization protocol, producing a stable emulsion that…Read more

day: Day One Track B - morning

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