December 4-5, 2019

Boston, MA

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Day One
Tuesday 11th December, 2018

Day Two
Wednesday 12th December, 2018

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Gary Hiller Chief Operations Officer & President , Phytecs

Understanding the Patient Perspective

Complicating the Simple vs. Simplifying the Complex: Two Camps in Cannabis and How They Impact Labeling and Testing Standards to the Detriment of Patients


• Discuss examples of labelling and communication issues that have happened in Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceutical (like with GW), and in the medical cannabis space
• What does industry need to think about to avoid current issues? Where can the industry go to
• Feel free to use thought experiments and other means you normally us

From Activism to Approval: The Role of Patient Advocacy in the Development of Cannabinoid-Containing Drugs


  • Brief history of the influence of patient activism on drug development in the United States.
  • How patient advocacy has impacted the cannabinoid-containing drug development process.
  • Overview of strategies and initiatives that give patient and caregiver advocates a voice in study design and the regulatory process.
  • Discussion of the unique challenges of weighing safety concerns and defining meaningful quality-of-life endpoints.

Innovating Your Business in this Growing Field and the Challenges Surrounding Funding of Cannabinoid Research and

Panel Discussion: The Funding Challenges Associated with Cannabis- Derived Pharmaceuticals

  • Jeff Eliot Margolis Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, member of the Board of Directors , RespireRx Pharmaceuticals
  • Zohar Koren Chief Executive Officer and Founder , SciCann


  • Delve into the venture capitalist’s perspective of Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals with this panel discussion featuring experts in the financing of Cannabinoid-Based Products

Morning Refreshments & Networking

Cannabinoid Therapeutics: A Hypercompetitive Space Made for Disruption

  • Brian Murphy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer , Nemus Bioscience, Inc


  • With the stigma rapidly fading from cannabis and the approval of Epidiolex, the focus is shifting to pharma versions of cannabinoids
  • First movers in the field are already seeing threats from new entrants utilizing techniques to establish a market beachhead
  • Rapid evolution should lead to vigorous M&A activity in the coming years as Big Pharma looks to establish a foothold in the cannabinoid space

Panel Discussion: Innovating Processes – Plant-Based vs. Semi Synthetic vs. Synthetic

  • Gary Hiller Chief Operations Officer & President , Phytecs
  • Mark Lewis President , Napro Research
  • Tamás Biro Director General, Hungarian Center of Excellence for Molecular Medicine & Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Debrecen


As understanding of both common and rare Cannabinoids grows and we improve the techniques and methodologies used in these three routes to drug development. Our expert panel will lead us through an in-depth exploration of each of these areas to define their true value in developing high quality products and the potential for them to create vital protections for your company in this increasingly competitive field.


Designing Reliable Translational Studies and Clinical Trials

Using Cannabis to Treat Previously Untreatable Diseases


  • Translational Approach to pre-clinical research
  • Clinical Studies of dronabinol for OSA
  • Regulatory and commercial goals

EHP-101: The Development Process Leading to Appropriate Clinical Trials for Cannabinoid New Chemical Entities


  • Three “steps” of cannabinoid use for the treatment of disease (from medical marijuana to new chemical entities)
  • Therapeutic opportunities with cannabinoids
  • From mechanism of action to clinical development

Clinical Trials – Perspectives from Australia and the USA

  • Matt Callahan Founder and Board Executive Director, Botanix Pharma


  • Australia as a time and cost efficient POC destination
  • Designing studies with the (FDA) end in mind
  • Navigating FDA, DEA and other crocodile infested waters

Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Gary Hiller Chief Operations Officer & President , Phytecs

End of conference