Pre-Conference Workshop Day | Tuesday, September 21


Exploring and Comparing the Evidence for the Potential of Cannabinoids in Chronic and Neuralgic Pain
09:00 – 12:00 

The value of cannabinoids in pain medicine is being realized since the rise of the opioid pandemic. Whether we are extracting the full pain relieving potential of cannabinoids is an issue that remains up for debate. Our expert speaker faculty will be taking you on a tour of the current methodologies, findings and clinical work that is currently taking place to find the next breakthrough in pain management

Together our speaker faculty will discuss the key differences between neuralgic and chronic pain from both a pathology and treatment perspective. As well as explore the key unknowns about how cannabinoids act in relation to reducing pain and exploring the clinical evidence that was created by both successes and failures

Workshop Leaders:

Valentino Parravicinni

Valentino Parravicini
Chief Scientific Officer
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hunter Land

Hunter Land
Translational and Discovery Science
Canopy Growth 


Harnessing the Understanding of Cannabinoids in Neurology to Develop Psychiatric Medicines and Prevent Side Effects
13:00 – 16:00 

THC and CBD both have significant neurological effects, these effects are what they are most know for, for better and the worse. This workshop is the platform for analyzing the evidence for neuropsychiatric potential in cannabinoids both common and rare. As well as assesing the potential psychological side effects a patient could experience due to a cannabinoid derived therapy

Together with our speaker faculty, you will take a deep dive into the non-clinical and clinical data that pertains to the effects of cannabinoids on patients’ mental health and what can be done to mitigate these effects and educate patients about the potential risks

Workshop Leader:

Con Stough

Con Stough
Swinburne University