Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday, September 10


Strengths & Weaknesses of Current Preclinical Cannabinoid Research
09:00 – 12:00

The goal of the workshop will be to give an overview of the current state of preclinical research on cannabinoid-based therapeutic approaches, with emphasis on the effects of cannabinoids in animal models of pain and CNS injury/disease.

Specific topics to be covered will include:

• The types of cannabinoid-based therapies being tested

• The appropriateness of the preclinical models used across laboratories

• Potential issues surrounding disconnects between preclinical and clinical results

The workshop will be comprised of a lecture-based format as well as smaller group brainstorming sessions

Workshop Leader

Sara Jane Ward

Sara Ward
Researcher – Oncology
Temple University


Cannabinoid Formulation & Methods of Administration
13:00 – 16:00

Establishing an effective dosing and dose administration strategy is an integral part of the early development of your cannabinoid drug. It ensures both the effectiveness and the safety of it to your patients. This workshop is an expansion of the highly popular formulation workshop we featured at CDP 2018. This workshop will take aim at the critical issues surrounding the preclinical formulation and assessment of cannabinoids.

At this workshop, attendees will discuss::

• Enhancing the bioavailability of cannabinoids

• Single vs. combinations of cannabinoids

• Current understanding of drug-drug interactions

• Avoiding the issues associated with the first pass effect

Workshop Leader

Ethan Russo

Ethan Russo
International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute