Pre-Conference Workshop Day | September 6, 2022

Workshop A: Bridging the Gap Between OTC Consumer Cannabinoid Drugs & Regulator Approved Therapeutics

09:00am – 12:00pm

As the cannabinoid space continues to diversify year on year, cannabinoid therapeutics continue to show potential of providing OTC alternatives to current medicines for dermatological diseases, pain relief and more. These drugs would have more robust scientific backing than basic cannabis tinctures or other extractions with improved drug delivery systems, specific to the ailments they’re targeted at. Simultaneously, companies that are currently producing OTC cannabinoid drugs are be interested in taking the next step and entering the world of clinical therapeutics.
This workshop will offer guidance on what it would take to move forward and offer you the chance to speak with leaders in the field that have been engaged  in the FDA approval process for cannabinoid therapeutics.

Workshop Leader:

karen long

Karen Long
Senior Director, Drug Development
Inmed Pharmaceuticals

Workshop B: Behind the Scenes of the Psychedelic Therapeutics Field

1:00pm – 4:00pm 

The 5th International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit is offering a chance for its audience to connect with KOLs from the field of psychedelic medicine, to give a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, including:

  • Breakdowns of the current landscape of therapeutics by API, with clear explanations of the stage they are at from a drug development perspective and for the benefit of patients
  • The current challenges experienced from technical, regulatory, funding and commercial perspectives
  • The potential for collaboration and partnership between the two fields
  • Discussion of how psychedelics and cannabinoids could end up in competition in certain therapeutic areas

Workshop Leaders:

Michael Palfreyman

Michael Palfreyman
Chief Executive Officer
Cybin Therapeutics

Brett Green
Chief Innovation Officer
Cybin Therapeutics


Jahan Marcu
Marcu & Arora