Welcome to the International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit

The International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit offers practical insight that is aimed to help biotechs at all R&D stages make more informed decisions, to further advance their pipelines and the field of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

Our 2019 Summit covered topics such as:

  • NIDA’s perspective on the space & how their research is contributing to the advancement of the field
  • A regulatory perspective from Dennis Ahern of Greenwich Biosciences (a GW Pharmaceuticals company) about how things have changed since Epidioloex’s historic approval. 
  • The “extraction, sourcing and synthesis” of common, and rare cannabinoids with Josh Hoerner of Noramco Inc.
  • The potential of biosynthesis with a panel of experts in this space, including: Eric Hsu of InMed Pharmaceuticals, Brandon Zipp of Vitality Biopharma and Michael Freeman of Paradigm Capital
  • A focused look at formulation and drug delivery challenges that are faced by all R&D staff in this field
  • Key advancements that have been made in our understanding of cannabinoid pharmacology and the endocannabinoid system from leading academics Ethan Russo and Vincenzo di Marzo