Welcome to the International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit

Through an array of case studies, panels, interactive workshops and a poster session, the International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit offers practical insight that is aimed to help biotechs at all R&D stages make more informed decisions, to further advance their pipelines and the field of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

  • Hear NIDA’s perspective on the space & how their research is contributing to the advancement of the field
  • From the regulatory perspective, hear from Dennis Ahern of Greenwich Biosciences (a GW Pharmaceuticals company) about how things have changed since Epidioloex’s historic approval. As we progress through the regulatory issues, we will take on the critical scientific issues that drug developers are facing in the field
  • Discuss the “extraction, sourcing and synthesis” of common, and rare cannabinoids with Josh Hoerner of Noramco Inc.
  • Analyze the potential of biosynthesis with a panel of experts in this space, including: Eric Hsu of InMed Pharmaceuticals, Brandon Zipp of Vitality Biopharma and Michael Freeman of Paradigm Capital
  • Take a focused look at formulation and drug delivery challenges that are faced by all R&D staff in this field
  • Learn more about key advancements that have been made in our understanding of cannabinoid pharmacology and the endocannabinoid system from leading academics Ethan Russo and Vincenzo di Marzo

5 Key Reasons to Join Us:

5 key reasons

Throughout the second half of the day we’ll focus on how you can improve your R&D methodology in pre-clinical and clinical trials. This series of case studies will shed light on the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in a variety of areas, including:

Ocular Diseases with Brian Murphy, Emerald Health aaaaaaa

Neuropsychiatric Disorders with Sagnik Bhattacharya, King’s College London

Cancer with Mara Gordon of Zelda Therapeutics aaaaaaaaaaa

Pain & Opioid Addiction with Guy Chamberland of Tetra Biopharma

Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Robert Brooke of Vitality Biopharma